Steps On How To Deal With Negative People

“Dwelling on the negative simply contributes to its power.” ~Shirley MacLaine

Do you ever feel distressed after being around other people?

This might be because the people you are with have negative attitudes. Human happiness largely depends on the quality of relationships because we are chiefly social creatures
Negative people are everywhere. Most people prefer the idea of a calm life where problems are solved without conflict but In reality, that’s a little bit difficult to obtain because we are chiefly social creatures.

In fact, there is evidence of our social nature everywhere. Falling in love and being in isolation have been one of the most treasured experiences as well as one of life’s most taxing experiences?

Because of our social nature, it can be extremely difficult to handle negative people who kill your mood with their pessimism, negativity, and suspicion.

Think about that friend who always discourages you from reaching your goals because “most people can’t do that,” or that constant warning against trying something new because it is “too risky?”

Also, think about when you are constantly hearing negative judgments regarding other people. Exposure to this negativity can have a major impact on your overall sense of positivity, and lead you to become negative or distrustful yourself.

Alternatively, if you are constantly around positive people, you are more likely to feel positive about the world and the people around you.

There are moments in our lives when we invariably end up confronting other people’s negativity. While conflicts are a natural part of our relationships, getting caught in negativity can sometimes ruin our best days. So we need to avoid falling into the trap of being put down by negative people

Some people will have a rain cloud hanging over them, no matter what the weather is outside. Their negative attitude is toxic to your own moods, and you probably feel like there is little you can do about it.

But that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

If you want to increase your overall life satisfaction, and effectively deal with negative people and be a champion of positivity, then your best route is to take definite action through some of the steps below

Limit the time you spend with them

First, let’s get this out of the way. Your positivity and enthusiasm have a chance of being afflicted by the constant negativity of a friend.

In fact, negativity has been proven to damage health physically, making one vulnerable to high levels of stress and even cardiac disease. There’s no reason to get hurt because of someone else’s bad mood.

Though this may be a little tricky depending on your situation, working to spend slightly less time around negative people will keep your own spirits from slipping as well.

Avoid them when possible

This probably goes without saying, but the absolute best way to deal with negative people is to cut them out of your life.
At work, don’t hang out with them. Try as much as possible not to sit next to them at lunch. Uninvite them to any meeting at which their presence is not absolutely required.
If they’re customers who you can’t avoid, stay cordial and friendly but don’t get sucked into a deeper relationship.

Speak up for yourself

Don’t just absorb the comments that you are being bombarded with, especially if they are about you. It’s wise to be quick to listen and slow to speak, but being too quiet can give the person the impression that you are accepting what’s being said.

Don’t pretend that everything is right about their behavior

Point out to the person that their constant negativity isn’t a good thing. We don’t want to do this because it’s far easier to let someone sit in their woes, and we’d rather just stay out of it.

But if you want the best for this person, avoid giving the false impression that their negativity is normal.

Change the subject

When you suspect that a conversation is starting to take a turn for the negative, be a champion of positivity by changing the subject. Of course, you have to do this without ignoring what the other person said.

Acknowledge their comment, but move the conversation forward before the euphoric pleasure gained from complaining takes hold of either of you.

Let go of being right

This is an essential step.So the discussion shouldn’t be about who is right or who is wrong . It should be about what can be done to creatively find a common ground and a proper way to solve the issues.
Blaming and holding on to the need of being right will only amplify negativity.
The truth lies somewhere in the middle. If you insist on being right and having things your way, you’ll recreate negativity and conflict in the future. Think about the long-term effects on the relationship and focus on finding solutions.

Talk about solutions, not problems.

Sometimes, changing the subject isn’t an option if you want to deal with negative people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be positive.

When someone begins dumping complaints during discussion, there is  a hard time knowing exactly what to say. The key is to measure your responses as solution-based.

You can do this by asking questions like, “Well, how could this be resolved?” or, “How do you think they feel about it?”

Use discernment to find an appropriate response that will help your friend manage their perspectives.

Act confident, natural and positive

This is an indirect way of showing a “negative” person that a positive attitude is possible and has many benefits. Be authentic and true to both yourself and others around you, including the negative types.
Sometimes, a person with a negative mindset will make a critical or skeptical comment about your behavior. No need to react on impulse and lash out; this will only make things worse. Explain your attitude and outlook, and why they’re important to you. Leave it at that.
Maybe it’ll make a difference; maybe it won’t. But you remained true and tried to help – and that’s all that really matter.

Leave them behind

Sadly, there are times when we have to move on without these friends, especially if you have exhausted your best efforts toward building a positive relationship.

If this person is a family member, you can still have a functioning relationship with them, of course, but you may still have to limit the influence they have over your wellbeing.

That being said, what are some steps you’ve taken to deal with negative people? Let us know in the comments.

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