How To Get Inspired And Motivated When Not Feeling It

“No body is born a warrior, in exactly the same way that nobody is born an average man. We make ourselves into one or the other” – Carlos Castaneda

“There are times to stay put and what you want will come to you, and there are times to go out into the world and find such a thing for yourself”.Lemony Snicket

A common response to identifying lifestyle changes that might make a depressed person feel better is, “Easier said than done.”

Sometimes you have a day where you’re really, really not feeling it. On days like those you need tricks in your back pocket for staying motivated even when you want to quit.

No matter what you are working on, there are bound to be days when you don’t feel like showing up. There will be workouts that you don’t feel like starting. There will be reports that you don’t feel like writing. There will be responsibilities that you don’t feel like handling. And there will be “off days” when your energy and emotions are in the gutter.

These fluctuations are part of life, and everyone faces these motivational challenges just as much as the next person. While it can be tempting to throw your hands in the air and just give up; You have to keep plugging along. And even if nothing pretty bad will happen if you do quit (like, say, losing your job and not being able to pay rent), you still shouldn’t let yourself get into the habit of yelling uncle every time your mood dips. After all, we can’t just work when inspiration hits. You have to keep plugging along, even during those grimy days.

That goes for passion projects, personal goals, and side gigs, too. But how exactly do you make yourself keep going when you’d so, so rather not?

You’ve probably noticed that it’s hard to be motivated all the time.

Let’s talk about that system and how it can help you perform well even when you’re not feeling motivated.

Here are some quick tips to help you get motivated again particularly when you’re going through the trials and tribulations of life. After all sometimes life is not a bowl of cherries.
The challenge here is to take some items from these tips and start applying them. You will find that just the act of stepping forward and taking action and will help you get and stay motivated, but it only happens if you take action. When you take action you change your thinking and when you change your thinking you change your life!

Go back to your original purpose
When you first started your quest to achieve your dreams, you had a dream and goal in mind, but because you’re tired and you been working so much and so hard, somehow, someway you kind of lost touch with your original purpose. You may have lost your spark, your shine, your enthusiasm. You are no longer a shiny happy person. Being tired will do that to anyone. Take some time and re-review your goals short-term, midterm and long-term to remind yourself why it is you’re working so hard. This may help you rekindle the passion that you had in the very beginning, and remind you of the excitement that you had to start with. One of the ways of being more passionate is to make sure your passion is connected to your purpose.

Always know that motivation is a process not an event
A lot of people are under the mistaken assumption that motivation is an event. They think that just by listening to a motivational program on audio, or reading one book is enough to get them motivated and to stay motivated. This cannot be true, just the same way as you cannot maintain your weight by eating right one day and one day only. In order to be motivated you need to concentrate each day on what you need to do to stay motivated for you. Each person’s answer is different but just realize that you have to invest the time and energy each day to continue to feed your mind and your soul motivational ideas and thoughts.

Talk to a trusted friend
Someone who’s outside of your daily life may be able to give you more objective advice, or you just may need someone to give you a boost, a little motivational pep talk, just someone to smile and tell you that “you can do this you know.” One word of caution; make sure that your trusted friend is an optimist not a pessimist, and an encouraging person and not that someone who will tear you down and tell you how ridiculous your ideas are.

Seek out those things that raise your motivation
Ask yourself — what are activities that you can do soon that would help you get and stay motivated? It may be watching a motivational movie, it may be reading a motivational book that you haven’t read for years. It may be working in your garden, or getting back to painting your latest masterpiece which you haven’t done for a long time. Look up inspirational and motivational videos on YouTube and watch a few each day. Make a list a few things you can do this week that will help you boost your level of motivation energy and enthusiasm.

Try something new
if you want to boost your level of motivation, reduce your level of stagnation by trying something new. Just the act of trying something brand new will stimulate your thinking and you may be delighted to meet new and different people and it may give you a much-needed change of scenery. So, think of something you’ve never done and always wanted to do and figure out what the next steps would be in order to make that happen.

Think about starting or joining a mastermind group
Mastermind groups was a term made popular by Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich back in the 1940s. The idea is to join a small group of other people, and the sole intent of the group is for every person in the group to support everyone else in the group. Most mastermind groups meet once a month, and ask each other for advice counsel and support. So you have two choices — you could either join an existing mastermind group, or you can start your own. But the idea of being around other motivated energetic people will definitely help raise your own level of motivation and you will get the encouragement and support that you richly deserve.

According to Martin Luther King Jr, he said  “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”.

Also, “most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all”.-Dale Carnegie

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