Avoid Fortune-Tellers – they are dangerous

“If a person turns to mediums and necromancers, whoring after them, I will set my face against that person and will cut him off from among his people.” Leviticus 20:6 ESV

“Do not turn to mediums or necromancers; do not seek them out, and so make yourself unclean by them: I am the Lord your God ” Leviticus 19:31

No matter what goals, dreams or personal changes you want to achieve in your life, the reality for you and everyone else, is that it requires commitment, focus, hard work, courage and the determination to succeed. There is no way that you can hope to create change in your life or achieve your goals and dreams without these key elements.
Fortune – tellers, psalmists, seers, and all those who program people with negative prophecies have destroyed many people’s dream. They are the greatest enemies every achiever must avoid. They make claims of seeing the future thereby seeing people out of their goals. Astrology to me is not far from fortune telling, and I detest from fortune telling.

Witches believe and have abiding faith in the subject of astrology which is the belief and study of the positional influence of the stars and other planetary bodies upon man and his activities here on earth.

They belief that the life and the destiny of man can be determined, predicted, monitored, influenced, controlled and directed through the manipulation of the stars and other planetary bodies. By these studies and manipulations, witches can make satanic predictions and divinations.  – From Divine Mandate Vol. 1. No 1

A great number of people run to fortune- tellers whenever they are in problems or despair. Such people get more confused and hopeless and consciously or unconsciously, they begin to accept failure with the believe that nothing can change their misfortune. Please don’t go to people who will tell how your tomorrow would be. They are not even sure of their own tomorrow. It is only God almighty who knows your tomorrow. Put your confidence in God and don’t consult any seer.

God is up above you; your problems are below Him, Look up to God now. -Archbishop Benson Idahosa

“And when they say to you, “Inquire of the mediums and the necromancers who chirp and mutter,” should not a people inquire of their God? Should they inquire of the dead on behalf of the living?” Isaiah 8:19

Consulting the fortune- tellers leads to drawing of metaphysical or imaginary lines that you cannot cross. They will put a ceiling to that ladder you are climbing and make you realize why you cannot achieve what you have in mind. I don’t see anything good in them.

Gradually, as you consult them, you will begin to feel that enemies are around you. They will make you believe your spouse, children, parents or friends are responsible for your misfortune. Please, please avoid them. They are plague to your success. Robert Schuller says,

Fortunetellers, chart readers, and any others who program people subconsciously or consciously with negative self-fulfilling prophecies are dangerous people. Never allow these people to move into the control position of your life.

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